Do you gain weight during hrt?

It won't prevent hair loss either, it won't stop wrinkles or stop it. Hormone therapy (HT) will not help you lose weight nor is it indicated for weight loss. It also won't prevent hair loss, stop wrinkles, or stop the aging process. In fact, hormone therapy may contribute to slight swelling in the midsection in some patients.

While hormone therapy does not cause weight loss, there is some evidence that it can help redistribute fat from the midsection to peripheral sites, thighs, and buttock region. Unfortunately, hormone therapy isn't the magic anecdote. The best advice is to follow healthy eating practices and exercise regularly. The results of many accurate scientific studies show that hormone therapy does not increase weight gain.

What we do know is that HRT can reverse menopausal changes, meaning that weight returns to be maintained around the hips and thighs. In fact, many women find that they lose weight using hormone replacement therapy, as it causes the metabolism to return to a pre-menopausal metabolic state. Although menopause can cause weight gain due to changes in metabolism, there is no evidence that HRT affects weight. There's no evidence that HRT directly causes weight loss, and although HRT isn't considered a weight-loss medication, for many women, feeling much better means they have the desire and motivation to take care of themselves again, choosing much healthier foods with more fruits, vegetables, more fiber and protein, while reducing processed foods and sugar and making it easier to consume less alcohol. Many women are concerned about weight gain during perimenopause and are also concerned that HRT will make them gain weight.

BMI isn't a perfect system by any means, but it can be a good measure of roughly how healthy your weight is. One of the most common reasons given by women for not starting hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is concern that it will cause them to gain weight. There are no studies or evidence to support the fact that HRT directly causes weight loss, but for many women HRT makes them feel much better with themselves. Another symptom of menopause that often improves with HRT is sleep, and science states that lack of sleep can cause weight gain through the stress hormone, cortisol.

Sleep disorders often improve with hormone therapy, and science says that lack of sleep can cause weight gain due to cortisol, the stress hormone. While hormone therapy can't help you lose or gain weight, it's an effective and proven treatment for menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, trouble sleeping, and mood changes, and more. For some women, side effects of hormonal hormone therapy may include fluid retention, abdominal distension, and breast tenderness and swelling, which may be similar to those of augmentation of weight. This anxiety is often reversed due to the positive impact of HRT, which in turn can increase appetite and weight over time.

In addition, supporting the weight around the hips rather than around the waist tends to make most women feel better, which is an additional positive factor for HRT, as it makes clothes more comfortable and regains a physique that is often associated with youth and femininity. One of the most common reasons many women cite for delaying starting hormone therapy is the concern that it will make them go up of weight.