Are there any foods or supplements i should avoid while on hrt?

Some vitamins and minerals can interfere with HRT medications, such as vitamin E and iron. It's essential to consult a healthcare professional before starting a vitamin routine. People undergoing hormone therapy may wonder if they should change their diet or if certain foods could affect hormone levels. This is why it is essential that you increase your intake of vitamins D2 and D3 to avoid fluctuations in your hormones.

The contraceptive pill can be an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies, while women use HRT1 later in life to minimize the annoying symptoms associated with menopause. Its abundant antioxidants (copper, iron and manganese) make it a valuable food source for hormonal balance for many women. The more you consume these food products, the more magnesium your body will absorb to balance your hormones. Vitamin supplements alone cannot replace hormone replacement therapy to control menopausal symptoms.

It is possible that you receive your magnesium through supplements or even by spraying it on your skin, it is much better to choose food if you want to get essential magnesium. Most of the time, people consume seafood to get their omega-3 fatty acids and treat their hormonal imbalance.