How long will i need to stay on hrt?

However, continuing combination hormone replacement therapy for more than 3 to 5 years increases the risk of breast cancer. Be aware of the dangers of hormonal hormone therapy. Hot flashes and other symptoms may persist for ten years or longer during and after menopause. Be aware of the dangers of hormonal hormone therapy and consult your doctor carefully if you need to continue for longer.

If your symptoms make long-term treatment necessary, use the smallest doses that provide adequate relief. While the dosage may need to be reevaluated each year, men and women can continue to enjoy the benefits of hormone therapy indefinitely. An accredited medical clinic will continuously monitor your symptoms and your health status to ensure that you are getting the right hormones in the ideal amount for your particular needs. Hormone replacement therapy can usually be taken for up to five years. Howell explained that the risks increase and generally outweigh the benefits. However, some people may be able to follow hormone therapy for longer, depending on their health and family medical history.

Even after the worst aspects of menopause have passed, many women choose to continue with hormone therapy to maintain bone health and sexual function. Deciding how long to stay on a hormone replacement program is a very personal decision that depends on symptoms, lifestyle, and overall health status.