How long do you have to take estrogen?

The goal is to be in the. Some women can continue taking hormones for two or three years, while others will need five to seven years, or maybe longer. The goal is to take the lowest dose that will treat and control symptoms so that the benefits outweigh the risks. Usually, most people take hormone replacement therapy for five years or less.

However, there's no set time frame and it can vary depending on the severity of your symptoms, the type of hormone replacement therapy you're taking, and your preferences.

Hormone replacement

therapy can usually be taken for up to five years. Howell explained that the risks increase and generally outweigh the benefits. However, some people may be able to follow hormone therapy for longer, depending on their health and family medical history.

When should you start taking HRT? Is it ever too late to start? If you've been taking it for years, when should you consider stopping hormone therapy? These are frequently asked questions by women who went through menopause some time ago. Some women take hormone therapy for a few years to help improve the worst symptoms of menopause. Some women find that when they stop taking hormone therapy after a few years, they no longer have symptoms. Other women have symptoms coming back when they stop taking HRT.

There is no fixed amount of time for which you should take HRT; it's an individual decision between you and your doctor or nurse. This fact sheet includes information to help you decide if now is the right time to start or stop taking hormone therapy, even if menopause occurred several years ago years.