Does going on hrt help lose weight?

It won't prevent hair loss either, it won't stop wrinkles or stop it.

Hormone therapy

(HT) will not help you lose weight nor is it indicated for weight loss. It also won't prevent hair loss, stop wrinkles, or stop the aging process. In fact, hormone therapy may contribute to slight swelling in the midsection in some patients.

While hormone therapy does not cause weight loss, there is some evidence that it can help redistribute fat from the midsection to peripheral sites, thighs, and buttock region. Unfortunately, hormone therapy isn't the magic anecdote. The best advice is to follow healthy eating practices and exercise regularly. Studies confirm that hormonal hormone therapy is effective in helping to reduce abdominal fat.

However, if you want lasting results, it's recommended that you also avoid counterproductive habits that contribute to weight fluctuations. Multiple studies show that hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is an effective method for rebalancing hormone levels and getting your life back to normal. If your mood changes are due to hormonal changes during menopause, treating the hormonal imbalance with hormone replacement therapy may help. Several studies have found that hormone replacement therapy during menopause can have a major impact not only on weight loss, but also on the amount of fat in the body stores and where does it store.